January 23, 2023

Karrinyup ‘Home in WA’

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Unique home brings family together

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First-time homebuilders Mick and Kirst Button required a unique home, one that would be accessible, to support the needs of their daughter, a young person with cerebral palsy who uses a wheelchair.

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Some homes are just…different. You can tell as soon as you walk in by the attention to detail, the textures, and the way it just feels…right.

Broadway Homes are the benchmark in design, quality, and style, so it’s not surprising that they recently took out the Master Builders Housing Excellence Award in the highly competitive category of Best Contract Home between $800,000 and $1 million for a gorgeous build in Trigg.

Broadway Homes are specialists in luxury, custom built homes and their team has plenty of experience in coming up with uniquely tailored solutions for every project.

Communication is vital in building top quality custom homes and Broadway Homes have a unique method of working with each client. They call it the “Concierge Approach” and it means your Project Coordinator will walk you through every detail of the process from your pre-selections right through to handover.

The main aim at Broadway Homes is to ensure your dream; your vision, is realized and doesn’t get diluted through lack of communication.

Not only are their homes beautiful but they’re all extremely practical – something that was very important to their clients and something that Broadway Homes worked hard alongside them to achieve.

For those looking to build a one-of-a-kind home with a team that knows exactly what they’re doing, you need to talk to Broadway Homes – the benchmark in design, quality, and style.

Check them out online today – broadwayhomes.com.au

(source: https://www.homeinwa.com.au/video/broadway-homes-master-builders-housing-excellence-award-winner/)

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Bringing Plans from the Drawing board to Life

From the age of five, Broadway Homes Senior Designer Alexandra Sideris knew she wanted to be an architect and design projects from the ground up.

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Focusing on quality living experiences

More than catering to the owner’s requirements, the design of a new home should enhance their quality of life.

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Added features that all add up

During the building process there are items you can forgo and design adjustments you can make to save money. The experts share their insights with New Homes.

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Full house the new goal

As the cost of buying and building houses continues to rise, more families are considering a multi-generational build.

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