January 23, 2023


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Unique home brings family together

First-time homebuilders Mick and Kirst Button required a unique home, one that would be accessible, to support the needs of their daughter, a young person with cerebral palsy who uses a wheelchair.

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Focusing on quality living experiences

More than catering to the owner’s requirements, the design of a new home should enhance their quality of life.

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Bringing Plans from the Drawing board to Life

From the age of five, Broadway Homes Senior Designer Alexandra Sideris knew she wanted to be an architect and design projects from the ground up.

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Full house the new goal

As the cost of buying and building houses continues to rise, more families are considering a multi-generational build.

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Added features that all add up

During the building process there are items you can forgo and design adjustments you can make to save money. The experts share their insights with New Homes.

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Multi-functional zone to elevate pool area

As a dedicated space to freshen up after a rejuvenating dip or a setting to entertain friends and family, pool houses are an opulent inclusion to any outdoor area.

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City Beach ‘Home in WA’


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