Demolish and Build

Demolish & Build

Whether you’re subdividing or starting over, explore the options available with a knock-down-rebuild. Maximise your investment with a quality easy care home (or two, depending on your zoning).


As a division of the award-winning builder Broadway Homes and a subsidiary of the Delstrat Group – Perth’s fastest-growing building group. The Broadway Developments Team has over 20 years’ experience in property development to ensure the success of your project.

Traditionally subdividing a larger block means having one residence at the front and one at the rear. However, a block needn’t be as wide as you might think to build a side-by-side option to offer better value to the end buyer.

A front and rear duplex development will likely need to accomodate access for both homes with a side driveway, or though utilising a rear lane or ROW for the rear home. The side by side option provides street frontage to both homes as per a standard block and build.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s often more financially beneficial than buying elsewhere and less complicated than a costly renovation which still leaves you with an old house. Your new Broadway home will feature the latest design and trends for your lifestyle, plus you can maximize the use of your block and increase the overall value Perth has experienced significant increases in land prices over the last decade, and as a result, many older properties now have impressive land value.

Now more than ever, homeowners are choosing to demolish their existing dwelling and build a new home. This will enable you to preserve the equity in your land, and avoid paying stamp duty and other associated selling fees.

Standard demolition is approximately $22,000. When comparing quotes, make sure you assess the details carefully to confirm the service inclusions are thorough.

Items that could be included in the quote include vegetation and roots, swimming pools, removal of asbestos, sheds and other additional buildings, septic tanks, soak wells and council crossovers. For peace of mind, Broadway Homes can also review your quotes with you

A standard demolish and build, can actually be a more affordable option than buying another block. You save on paying a host of fees like stamp duty, taxes and site fees, and forego the expense and hassle of selling your existing home (agent fees, advertising, repairs etc).

Broadway Homes understand the demolition process, and are experienced in dealing with local councils ensures a smooth process for your applications. Every year we help many Perth families to enjoy living in the place they love while building a new modern home to suit their evolving lifestyle. Talk to us today about our systems and procedures that guarantee you a great building experience.

Yes, we prefer to offer our clients the opportunity to go direct to a demolition contractor, as this can save costs. We are also happy to assist and manage things for you. It’s all about what suits you and what service you are looking for. Our main focus is to guide you through the process and make this a stress-free experience for you.

It is a general rule that you should allow 8 weeks for this process after the home is vacated, with finalizing all documentation with your Demolition Contractor to get all approvals in place.

  1. A contract is awarded to the demolition contractor.
  2. Relocate from your old home to new premises.
  3. You will arrange all services to be disconnected not the contractor.
  4. Contractor undertakes pest control on empty home.
  5. Contractor cuts sewer and returns water & phone lines to original points.
  6. Contractor lodges application for demolition permit.
  7. Permit issued and demolition begins.
  8. Check site condition and services after demolition before making final payment.
  9. Your new home is ready to start.

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