When Quality is the Measure of Achievement - The Weekend West NEW HOMES

When Quality is the Measure of Achievement - The Weekend West NEW HOMES

When the only way is up

While in bygone years a two-storey home was a primarily a symbol of wealth and success today their popularity is also caused by the trend towards smaller home sites, which force homebuyers to build up as well as out to achieve the space they desire/ whether they have sprawling site in a tree-lined suburb, a compact, subdivided block close to the city, a narrow lot in a new estate, or an elevated lot with views, building a two-storey home has become the best solution for many. WA buyers are fortunate to have a wide range of specialist two-storey builders with the expertise to design and build homes that maximize the potential of any block and take the concept of two-storey living to the next level .

Elegantly modern and sophisticated style combines with innovative and practical layouts in an extensive design portfolio for Wangara-based Broadway Homes- including a two-storey range that combines practicality with panache. The Broadway team recognises the importance of aligning the company’s designs to current and future trends, while remaining creatively open to architectural influences from the past, according to sales and marketing manager Peter Gobetti. “Our definition of success comes down to outstanding design, construction, workmanship and quality finish in every home, plus the ease with which we get out clients to handover and beyond,” Mr Gobetti said. “We define everything we do around the quality of the finished product and the feedback we receive supports this”.

 “We firmly believe there is no end to our learning – that there will always be opportunities to improve and evolve, and it’s our dedication to this that sets us apart.” Broadway Homes has been operating in WA for 14years, with a staff of 30 based at the firm’s Wangara headquarters. With his brother Bronson as operations manager, Mr Gobetti runs the day-to-day business at Broadway Homes. They came on board more than five years ago to restructure and reposition the company.

Mr Gobetti said people opted to build a two-storey home for many reasons. “For Many years two-storey homes have become the norm in the residential landscape and this perhaps started out as a form of prestige”. “Today, due to land supply and demand, preferred metropolitan block locations and sizes are typically more restrained”. “A two-storey home can offer privacy and zoning options that many clients prefer over a single-storey home, and in areas where block sized mean they are contained in close quarters to their neighbours, the opportunity to maximize views to give that feeling of light and spaciousness is an important aspect of two-storey design and living.”

Mr Gobetti said there was a great design waiting to happen for even the smallest of blocks. “We have to think outside the box to ensure all the luxury expectations are still prominent for a home on a smaller block. “Our narrow-lot home designs are a perfect example of this, where we have maximized space by using integrated living areas and courtyards for a more open-plan feeling.” Mr Gobetti said natural – looking finishing products such as stone for cladding, paving and flooring – inspired Broadway display homes.

“There is an outstanding range of fabricated products that give a natural look, such as laminated for kitchen, glass splashbacks, ceramic and porcelain tiling. “We use these products for the durability, textures and overall design harmony they create in our homes. “We are very excited about the designs for a couple of our up-and-coming display homes, where we are playing with a mix of classic and contemporary elements for out elevations and incorporation natural products. Mr Gobetti said although spending had been noticeably conservative in the wake of the global financial crisis, this was starting to shift/ “A smaller budget does not have to mean small ideas, and we simply work harder and smarter with our clients to produce some innovation design solutions that match their desired spend.”