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Australians are expected to increase spending this year on their kitchens and bathrooms with a growing trend to create restaurant-style meals in their own homes and the move to design resort-inspired ensuites

We’re expecting more than ever from our kitchens and bathrooms, prompting designers to come up with smart solutions as well as a wow-factor features. Kitchens need to accommodate today’s technology, help us host the ultimate dinner party and be sensitive to the environment, while we want out bathrooms to remind us of our favourite holiday hideaway, yet do their bit to save water. Peter Gobetti, sales and marketing manager at Broadway Homes, says double ovens, steam ovens, integrated coffee machines and build-in microwaves are just some of the products that are more affordable than ever. The new timber veneers are also making their mark, often in a high-gloss finish.

“Kitchen designs are becoming sleek and seamless with a preference for floor-to-ceiling built-in cabinetry, concealed appliances and subtle handles or the push-to-open mechanism for handle-free doors and drawers,” Peter says. “Extended central bench tops are becoming larger to incorporate casual dining and seating.” Keeping kitchen clutter at bay has become a top priority so we’re looking for drawers for everything from pots and pans to cups and cutlery. Recycling products are also being built into modern kitchens, with stored such as idea selling wase-sorting systems alongside all its kitchens. As well as energy-saving LED ligh bulbs, water-saving taps, economical fridge/freezers and energy efficient induction hobs.