Multi Generational


Multigenerational households refer to homes where multiple generations of people live under one roof.
This could be for different circumstances and benefits for example;

  • Adult children living with their parents
  • Home Care Assistance Services, now encouraged by the Government
  • Au Pair accommodation
  • Grandparents and even great-grandparents.

With child care, nursing homes and construction costs on the rise, Multigenerational living could be the solution for you and your family now and in the future. Eliminating the need to rebuild as your family grows or down sizes, saving on inflation cost and real-estate agent and government fees. With the circle of life in mind, doesn’t it make sense to build it once, and build it right for a lifetime of generations to benefit.

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Intergenerational living is by no means a new concept, in fact it is a very traditional way of living and considered the norm in many cultures. Financial practicality is another common reason, and also a way adult children can save for their own home.

In Australia we have an older population that is living longer alongside an economy that is requiring more than one person in the family to work full time, is fostering the need to support one another. The impact COVID-19 has had on the economy has pushed more families to stay living under one roof, not just in Australia but worldwide. This is happening since more young people are struggling to afford to leave home, alongside their grandparents who are perhaps experiencing similar financial stress, and child care costs increasing.

Pros & Cons of Multigenerational Living
The encouragement of living situations shared between young can offer many great positive and practical outcomes. It can minimise segregation, stress, feelings of social isolation.

Another substantial pro to multigenerational living arrangements is financial, both for aging citizens as well as young adults saving for their own home. Not only do many seniors prefer the idea of aging in their own home, but it can also be the more cost-effective solution by reducing costs associated with care facilities, in-home assistance programs, and unnecessary visits to the hospital. For young adults on the other hand, with such high rental prices its unsurprising that intergenerational living offers such an attractive alternative to the average rental costs.

Multigenerational Designs
Multigenerational housing can be made significantly easier with the right home design and set up. Some of the features that allow for a more pleasant living experience include multiple master bedrooms, separate kitchenettes, kitchens and living rooms, or alternatively multiple living areas, with private access.

Zone-style homes for private areas also allow for a higher degree of independence. Private parking, access and outdoor space are also great features to include in your new home design.

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Multi Generational