Perth Leading Australia In Real Estate Growth

Recent figures released by RP Data convey some very promising news for Perth home owners and the real estate market of WA. They show that Perth has just had its strongest winter residential sales for the last 7 years.
Winter is typically the slowest season when it comes to real estate and buying properties, which makes the data all that more impressive. As the winter season has not finished yet, there is still time for this to change however looking at historical data, it is shaping up to be a very good period for Perth’s real estate market and luxury housing market.
Also we have seen the home values across Perth city improve by 3.8per cent throughout this winter season. The RP Data indicates at this point Perth’s median home price is $510,000 and the median unit price is $425,000.
This current market trend is very exciting for Broadway Homes as we are recognised as the leader in two storey homes in Perth with award winning design and value prices.