The Bogart lets the sunshine in with double-size glasswork on both levels. With elements inspired by Ivanhoff’s ‘70s masterpieces, such as modular spaces and wooden fixtures, we’ve combined modern aesthetics with a Hamptons feel that suits contemporary Australian coastal living.

Total 392.71 m²
Ground Floor 149.69 m²
Garage 43.86 m²
Portico 17.53 m²
Pergola 7.00 m²
Upper Floor 154.82 m²
Balcony 19.81 m²

Those with teenagers will understand the reasoning behind many of the design choices in The Bogart. With it now being more common for the kids to live at home into their early 20s, choosing a home that allows everyone some space (including their own bathrooms) is a smart way to keep the peace.

Every fixture is carefully chosen to reflect elegance of simplicity. Natural stone tiles and timber textures offer a counterpoint to right angles, making the home feel orderly, but far from stark or sterile.

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